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 About Us_ 

Misfit Circus is a contemporary circus company based in Chicago, devoted to pluralism and diversity in artistic expression.  Our mission is to break stereotypical boundaries of the greater circus community by means of variation in creative content,  body types, cultures, and genders.  We believe that by taking both physical and emotional risks on stage, we are able to interact with our audience in a more honest, meaningful way. The hope being that this courageous openness that we discover together transcends the theatrical experience, promoting freedom of expression and understanding for our fellow human beings. We value the cultivation of public art, local pride, and reciprocity in community engagement. Misfit Circus is a woman owned and operated organization, dedicated to the effective dismantling of the dangerous patriarchal values that have recently made a strong comeback in our society. We refuse the time-honored roles of women as victims and supporters and choose a feminist narrative in which female identifying people are represented as the talented, enterprising, and successful. 


Founded by Molly Plunk & Natalie Abell
Chloe Zabicki
Babin' Collaborators
  Linnea Ridolfi 
Brian P. Dailey