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A FOOL's JOURNEY: A Misfit Circus Cabaret

Digital Playbill

The Cast

MOLLY PLUNK  The Empress/Co-Producer

Molly Plunk grew up playing make-believe down a dusty, gravel road on farm in the middle of the great state of Illinois. She has been active member of and contributor to Chicago’s Neo-Futurists for many years, and is currently Artistic Associate of the company. Plunk is best known for her role of Faerie Queen in Jay Torrence's local winter staple, Burning Bluebeard. In addition to her theater work, she is an accomplished tightwire performer, and clown, having performed for Aloft Circus Arts, Redmoon Theater, The Actor's Gymnasium, Zoppé Family Circus, The Ruffians, and Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. Plunk is a graduate of Columbia College.

NATALIE ABELL  The Hanged Man/Co-Producer

Natalie Abell, much to the shock of her parents, was able to climb before she could walk.  She has continued to cause trouble ever since. As a creative nomad her roles have run the gamut from lead vocalist of rock bands, to patent holding engineer. Abell's recent performances include an original collaboration with beat boxer Yuri Lane, an aerial rope battle with renowned rope artists Emiliano Ron and Terry Crane, and a starring role in Dinner of Our Discontent, a show featured in Circus Now: International Circus Exposure showcase in NYC. She is a regularly featured artist for Acrobatica Infiniti: Nerd Circus, Aloft's Sanctuary, and Unbridaled Cabaret.

Brian P. Dailey  The Moon

BPD plays with traditional juggling objects and party dollar store toys. Approaching each new act or routine with a different set of rules, research and practice: The result is a wide range of absurd, heartfelt and surreal contemporary circus. They have brought their odd performance style to Midnight Circus, Aloft, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Cirque Mechanics, and a variety of shows in over a dozen counties and three continents. As a member of Cube Circus, BPD is excited to be take part in collaborative producing in our new age of circus. Performing with the gems in Misfit Circus is a dream come true.



Chloe Zabicki  The Star

Chloe Zabicki is an aerialist, pogo stick aficionado, and dancer. Her exploration of space and movement is joyful. Chloe began her artistic career by studying ballet and ballroom dancing as a child, and throughout high school and college. She was a member of Smith College’s synchronized swim team where she performed and choreographed routines. Chloe began training at Aloft Loft in Chicago with a focus on static trapeze, single point trapeze, and pogo jumping. She currently performs and teaches around the Chicago area. I would like to thank my family for being supportive of my circus endeavors. I would also like to thank Natalie and Molly for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Misfit Circus' first show. This has been such a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful to both of them for letting me be a part of it.

Linnea Ridolfi  The Hermit

Linnea Ridolfi began her onstage career as a tree in her hometown ballet company's production of The Nutcracker. She has barely left the stage since, going on to dance many more roles with Ballet Quad Cities and also performing Shakespeare with Prenzie Players in Rock Island, Illinois. She majored in contemporary jazz dance at Point Park University in Pittsburgh before turning her interests to the circus arts. She completed the Full-Time Training Program at Aloft Circus Arts in 2015, focusing on aerial sling and partner acrobatic contortion. As a circus artist in Chicago she has performed with Aloft Circus Arts, Aerial Dance Chicago, the Actor's Gymnasium, Redmoon Theater, and Acrobatica Infiniti. She confounded the performance collective Hold with friend and fellow artist Courtney Prokopas and together they created and performed their first show Signs We Were. She coaches aerial circus and flexibility at Aloft, MSA & Circus Arts, and CircEsteem. Linnea believes circus and theater can change the world and is so thrilled to be part of Misfits Circus' first production A Fool's Journey.

The Musicians 

Bret Koontz  Lead Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Orignial Composition for The Sun & Temperance 

Bret Koontz has spent much of his fifteen year stint in Chicago composing and performing music that ranges from elegant Chamber Pop to bare-plank Country. He has released multiple ablums with his band Cool Memories, solo project Problem, and most recently a collection of songs under his own name called Low Light Trades. Perennially involved in theater and visual arts but green to the circus, he is thankful for this opportunity to make a little magic with these adept practicioners of wonder.

Ian Bertorelli  Violin, Drum

Ian Bertorelli is better known as Fumo Stromboli, an antimatter meme that is estimated to have been assuming human form on an almost daily basis since at least the mid-80s.  Sightings are primarily reported in North America, but there have been numerous unconfirmed accounts of appearances around the globe.  Fumo is most often observed in the visible spectrum as a multidisciplinary artist and craftsman, superstitiously said to haunt the bizarre crowds of Chicago.





Chip Hamlett  Back-up Vocal, Bass

Chip Hamlett did not send a bio to share on the digital program so we have made up a life for him.  Chip Hamlett was born supernatually amongst the dinosaurs of the triassic period.  He, along with his parental gods, created a vehicle that transcends space and time so his musical talents could be better appreciated.  After being hailed as a genuis artist in universe C-137, Hamlett has retired to Earth to escape his exhausting celebrity status.

The Crew

Maggie Karlin  Stage Manager

Maggie is a Chicago based Circus artist and performer, and is excited to manage this stage. It has a lot of their favorite stuff on it.

Theodore Nazarowski  Lighting Designer

Ted Naz also did not send a bio.  He is the most bodacious and talented designer of a very particular range of the electromagnetic spectrum.  You would not be able to see us on stage without him.

Ben Spurrier  Stage Hand

Ben Spurrier is in the witness protection program.  Hahahajklol

Matt Daniel  Stage Hand

Matt Daniel has been a stage hand, light technician, and production photographer for the past 4 years. They have previously worked with Gorilla Tango, Smudged Lipstick, and Bad Taste and are excited to be a part of Misfit Circus. They are the founder of Half MT Photography here in Chicago.

Special Thanks!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that helped make this possible

The Chopin Theatre, Aloft Circus Arts, MSA & Circus Arts, Shayna Swanson, Mandy Heuermann, Dan Plehal, Laura Torres, Pietre A Valbuena, Samson Finkelstein, Jay Torrence, Stephanie Schroeder, Bianca Mase, Maliya Gorman-Carter, Logan Kerr, Chris Kenyon, Suzy Pelayo, Brittany Price Anderson, and all our Friends and Family

This project is partially supported by a Cultural Outreach Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events and a grant from the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce.

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